Alec Baldwin retires from public life, but not from our rec room

What do you do when your kids love a movie you hate?

Alec Baldwin’s making headlines today for his good-bye to public life, published at (Warning: Strong language.) He says, more or less, that cell phone cameras and a New Media culture of argument have ruined celebrity in general, and his life.

But his performance will live on at our house, not in episodes of 30 Rock but due to his role in the hit (as far as my sample of two boys is concerned) movie Thomas and the Magic Railroad. As he says here, he’s simply lost his sparkle:

Now I do not mind Thomas the Tank Engine in general; the episodes narrated by Ringo Starr are particular favourites. But Thomas and the Magic Railroad is not a movie that I would willingly watch, and there are even a couple of characters I find problematic. But my eldest son went through a period of asking for it every single family movie night, and now my youngest is following in his footsteps. I am increasingly tempted to “accidentally” step on the DVD.

What do you do in your family when your kids fall in love with a book, movie or song that makes you cringe?

(Photography by David Shankbone, via Wikimedia Commons)