How to enjoy a ski vacation when you don’t ski

I’ve heard the dilemma many times before. Your significant other skis and you don’t or vice versa. Do you drag the non-skier to a beautiful mountain town to sit idly by while you hit the slopes?

This exact situation happened with me and my boyfriend this winter. I don’t alpine ski (I have a knee injury that can’t stand any impact in a fall) and he’s a serious sporty type that will take on any challenge. We wanted to take a winter trip together but weren’t sure what I would get up to while he hit the first tracks on the mountain.

Well, depending on where you head it won’t be an issue. On our trip to Mont Tremblant, QC, I found many things to keep me occupied. First, I went cross-country skiing and enjoyed a leisurely morning sliding along the Diable River at speeds just fast enough to stay warm. Then I hit up the beautiful Scandinave spa for a morning of r&r and a massage. Doesn’t sound so bad does it?

Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant

We’d meet up every day for a late lunch and then spend the evening together eating our hearts out. (When in Quebec, right?)

It could have gone either way depending on the locale we picked. But I wasn’t bored at all and it just took a little research to figure out what I would do while he was on the mountain.

Here’s my advice for couples travelling to a destination where one person has a set activity and the other doesn’t: Do your research. If your partner loves to hit the slopes, make sure there’s a village nearby with a spa or some great shops to explore. If you’re also active but not a skiier, look for activities that you can do together or solo like snowshoeing, hiking or dogsledding.

And most importantly, if you’re going on a trip together, make sure to book that one-on-one time together. Meet up for apres-ski drinks or get up early to share some eggs and toast at breakfast before you both head your separate ways. Besides, after a few hours apart doing your own thing you’ll be more excited to see your significant other and share tales of your day.

Photography courtesy of the Mont-Tremblant Resort Association and The Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant