Baby gear: 9 new baby products that didn't exist the last time I was pregnant

pink and blue pacifiers
Expecting a third baby
(unexpectedly) has presented a few challenges for my family. We were actually planning on moving soon but this news has kicked our house hunting into high gear. Along with that also comes purging and selling our condo, car shopping and picking another baby name. And then there’s the stuff — all the baby stuff! Having an unexpected third baby means we have no more hand me downs left from the other two. We thought we were done having kids. Luckily I have friends and family who have offered some assistance in that department. With all the impending expenses, we hope to save some money in the baby ‘stuff’ category.

As a third time mom, I don’t feel the need to have all the shiny, new baby stuff that I did as a first time mom. But I have seen a lot of new things that weren’t around the last time I was expecting, which have drawn my attention. Some of them are pretty cool and others, well you be the judge.

1. Baby teething necklace
I first spotted this on a couple of babies that are close to my family. First thing I thought was, ‘isn’t that a choking hazard?’

2. Stuffed toy with pacifier
Now, this is cool! When my kids were old enough to be able to search around for their pacifiers in the dark, we made sure there were enough scattered around the crib for them to be able to locate one before having to wake us up. This invention wasn’t around back then. I would think that having just two of these in the crib would be sufficient for sleep-deprived parents.

3. Sink tub
Well, this isn’t necessarily new because there have been several incarnations of this item over the years. What I like about this one is how it keeps the baby upright so you can have both your hands free to bathe your baby properly. This might be a splurge for us since the last two times we just bathed them on the living room floor in a bowl we probably bought from the dollar store. Don’t judge, it worked for us!

4. C-section panty
After undergoing two c-sections I can say that this would definitely be a non-necessity. And it’s almost $40! It’s underwear. I got by with old, loose underwear for comfort during recovery. No one ever knows if the first one is going to be a c-section and asking your partner to go out and find this would probably be near impossible!

5. Hands-free pumping bra
I don’t know about you but I’m not the type of person that can pump milk and craft a snazzy new blog about my newborn at the same time. I’m all for multi-tasking but that’s one thing I can’t do while engrossed in another activity!

6. Designer diaper bags
I’m all over this one! I’m sure they were out the last time I was expecting but I don’t think they were this fashionable. These don’t even look like diaper bags! Now, if I can get my hubby on board, I’m all set!

7. Mommy watch
This one is just too advanced for my mommy brain. It says it keeps track of everything from the next feeding to your next cocktail. Huh?

8. Chewable mommy jewellery
I’m torn on this one since I like the fun and chunky look of these necklaces. But the question is: What do they look like once your teething baby has had their shiny, new chompers on them?

9. Car seat transporter
If you’ve ever had to carry a baby in a bucket seat you’ll understand why this was invented. But normally I would be carrying a diaper bag and I would be pushing a stroller with the baby in it so I think this one can stay on the shelf!

I want to know: What fancy new baby ‘stuff’ have you encountered that’s made you go, “Huh?” Leave your comments below!

Image courtesy darksatins/FlickrCC