5 creative engagement photo shoot ideas


Today, we’re turning things over to our intern, Linda Cotrina:

It’s always a good idea to take engagement photos, because you can use them as part of the stationary leading up to your big day, or as part of the decor on your actual wedding. Whether you use the photos for your ‘save the date’ cards or create a book of photographs to hand out as favours at your your engagement party, you should make sure they reflect your personality as a couple.

Here are five creative engagement photo shoot ideas to help you get inspired.

1. A pop of colour
Why not get a little bit messy and have some fun playing with vibrant colours to make your photos pop? An ancient Hindu religious festival, also known as the festival of colours, Holi-themed engagement photo shoots have risen in popularity and understandably so. The end result is fun, playful and aesthetically beautiful. It shows off the couple’s personalities and makes for an overall enjoyable experience. Make your photos pop with this fun idea!

2. A Hollywood dream
How about having a movie-themed engagement shoot that incorporates elements from your favourite movie? They are always a lot of fun and involve props that are unique to the movie and can add a bit of whimsical charm—depending on the movie of course—to the final product. For example, my ideal movie-themed engagement shoot would incorporate elements from my favourite animation movie—and I think it’s my partner’s favourite, too—Pixar’s Up. It’s the perfect movie to translate through a photograph, especially considering the opening scenes that beautifully illustrate the love between two people. And also, tons and tons of beautiful balloons!

3. Your firsts
What could be more romantic than having your engagement shoot take place where you and your fiancé had your first date? If it was at a restaurant, you could recreate it by incorporating what you ordered that day, from drink to food. If you went to a movie, why not rent out the theatre you went to and recreate that moment. Remember, there are some logistics that need to be planned; you might want to see if the places will allow you to do this, but if not, don’t let it discourage you. If it doesn’t work out, opt for having a shoot at one of your favourite public places in the city.

4. Love letter affair
Capture the intimacy and emotion of your love by writing each other love letters and share them with each other during your engagement shoot. If you have them, you can incorporate previous letters you’ve written to each other as props and surround yourselves with them. Take it a step further by having an intimate picnic at a park during sunset. This type of setting creates an intimate scene that will translate beautifully through photographs.

5. Go back in time
A time-period themed engagement shoot can be a lot fun. Pick a time-period that has prominent qualities that will easily translate through your photographs. For example, the bustling scene of Hollywood’s film noir period was all about mystery, top-notch lighting and a lot of smoking. Dress up in 1940s attire and you’ll be sure to have glamorous photographs to share with friends and family.

What other ideas do you have for a fun engagement shoot?

Image courtesy of kennyjmitchell/FlickrCC

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