Donate to charity by watching this cute puppy video

I’m not kidding. Here’s your chance to give back while engulfing your heart in a warm and fuzzy feeling that will stay with you all day.

Disclaimer: This is not a sad video, so don’t be worried.

“You know, just by watching this video, you’re raising money for dogs in need,” says the narrator in the first few seconds of this oh-so-darn-cute compilation of puppies being, well, puppies!

The video titled, “Share for Dogs” is a YouTube initiative by Pedigree Adoption Drive — A New Zealand-based charity — aimed at raising awareness and funds for dogs in need.

I think the narrator pretty much sums up the campaign when he says, “We’re happy to do whatever we can to be as cute as we can, because the more views we get, the more money we’ll raise. So please, you know what to do. Share it.”

I must say, whatever the outcome of this campaign may be, I admire the brilliant brains behind it because what can go viral more quickly than a cute puppy video?

Here it is in all its glory. I promise you’ll watch it more than once. And when you’re done watching, why not share it? You’ve got nothing to lose!

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