'Singing Doctor' welcomes every newborn he delivers by singing Happy Birthday

The sweetest, most awww inspiring moments derive from the simplest of gestures.
Things that we are all capable of doing to make the world we live in the best it could possibly be.
Like holding the door open for an elderly person, giving your unused ‘kids eat free’ dinner coupon to the mom sitting at the restaurant with her 3 young children or, like you’re about to see in the adorable video below, singing Happy Birthday to each and every newborn you deliver.

Dr. Carey Andrew-Jawa has been dubbed as the “Singing Doctor”. He breaks out into song and welcomes each and every one of the babies he delivers by singing “Happy Birthday” to them. He inherited this delightful tradition from one of his mentors.

“I liked that, and I would join him and we’d both really belt it out. When he was retiring, he asked me to continue the tradition. ‘It’s all yours,’ he told me.”

Dr. Andrew-Jawa proudly took over the role of the ‘Singing Doctor’ and I’m so glad that he did ’cause he does it so beautifully.

“When I’m singing to these babies, I’m thinking I’m singing to a future important person. That’s the credit I give to all of them.” he says. “I’m holding the miracle of life in my arms and it’s a beautiful world we live in.”

I love everything about this.
I love his optimism and his zest for life.
I love the way he exudes love and I love the way he chooses to share it with his youngest patients.

It’s such a simple act, doesn’t cost a thing and yet it brings forth such wonderful heartwarming feeling in the most organic of ways.

“Welcome to a wonderful world.”