5 Signs You Need a Hair Makeover

It happens to the best of us — you find a cut and colour that makes you feel like a better version of yourself. Like, YOU 2.0.

But before you know it, seven years pass with that same (once spiffy) hair ‘do, but now it’s starting to look tired and outdated. Maybe you need a hair makeover. How can you tell? To avoid an unintentional retro ‘do, see the warning signs below.


Photo Credit: Sasha Wolff Photography via Flickr

SIGN #1:  Disappearing highlights. (They’ve completely blended in with your base colour.)

This is a common problem for women who are addicted to lightening their manes with foils. It’s either a sign that you’re getting the same highlight service done too often, or your colourist has gone foil-happy — resulting in your highlight shade dominating your hair.

An easy fix is to lay off the highlights for a few months and cover them up with a single-process dye. The dimension of the highlights will still shine through a fresh blanket of colour.

SIGN #2 You’re addicted to using elastics. A.K.A. The Ponytail Rut.

The ponytail effect is commonly caused by: A lack of time to style and/or not knowing how to handle your overgrown cut.

Humid weather aside, if you resort to a ponytail more than four times a week, it’s clear you’ve given up on your hair — time to visit a salon ASAP.

SIGN #3 Your hair grows in width; not length — like a Chia Pet.

You keep telling your friends you’re trying to grow your hair out but, truthfully, you have some irrational fear of getting a trim, don’t you? Yes, your hair is growing; just not longer. Instead, it’s growing horizontally, and getting wider and wider.

This happens when your hair has major breakage and it’s riddled with split ends. Although there are products that can help reduce the appearance of split ends, the cheapest and quickest remedy is to get regular trims. Aim for every six to eight weeks.

SIGN # 4 You’re spending more than 30 minutes/day styling your hair.

Are you spending some quality time in front of your mirror every morning? If it takes 30 minutes to make your hair look presentable, it’s unruly and needs some TLC, pronto.

Solution: Get a cut that works for you; and not against your hair’s natural texture.

SIGN # 5 Your stylist doesn’t ask you what you want, he or she just starts cutting.

You’ve been with the same stylist  for almost a decade. Things are getting comfortable — maybe a little too comfortable?

Rather than asking what you want, your stylist gives you the same style, over and over and over again. The fix? Next time you go to the salon, bring a picture of a style you’d like to try — a picture speaks a 1,000 words, after all.  Or, for a fresh new perspective, try a new salon or stylist.

It’s OK, you’re not cheating, just experimenting.