Olympic Worthy: Canadian Design Talent

The greatest spectator event of all, the Olympics, is in full force. In the midst of Olympic fever, it is impossible to resist drawing connections between our adroit athletes and Canadian talent as a whole. Take, for instance, those medallions – tactile symbols of victory and achievement. As I admire the medals dangling from our athletes’ necks, I can’t help but think of Canadian designers who have struck gold in their own field. Whether in their use of the gilded medium itself or in the fame they’ve found as Canada’s up-and-coming artists, these designers prove that Canadian talent shines in every way.


Daring designers Shane Berube and Joseph Morgan fit right into their fashion-savvy Montreal environment. Favouring sharp points and geometric patterns, the Aries & Leander brand has blurred the line between over-the-top chic and stripped-down hip. These two are known to contort mere metal into revolutionary pieces.

Best metallic: Berube and Morgan’s triangular piece is a new take on the classic silver chain. With its open cutouts and layers of silver, it is an unexpected addition to a simple white tee or a great accessory to layer on a high-neck shift.


Toronto-based designer Emily Woudenberg has received continuous acclaim for her avant-garde esthetic. Her interests in androgyny seamlessly translate to the fall-winter 2012 runways, where the discrepancy between the masculine and feminine receded with every passing show. Her noteworthy hard edges separate her from the pack and expose Canadians to an alternative kind of accessorizing.

Best metallic: Layer this bracelet with your favorite metal pieces or wear it on its own for a more minimalist look. Its unisex appeal will add an unexpected touch to any frilly ensemble.


Coming from a rural community in Ontario, Jenny Bird has combined her farming roots with her high-fashion flair to create each of her unique pieces. In particular, her statement necklaces have made an impact on fashion lovers, and one special piece was even featured in our September issue. Her wearable designs have spurred a newfound cult following that will continue to grow in the coming years.

Best metallic: The combination of wood, turquoise and gold lends an organic yet glam feel to this chunky design. Match this textural piece with a coloured blouse to create contrast.