Stylish steal: Accessory edition

The accessory message of the season is kind of all over the place – it’s schizophrenic really. We’ve seen the return of statement bangles, yet the arm party is still surging in popularity. Bold earrings and brooches have made a big comeback. Vintage-inspired adornments are a major theme. And even daring hair accessories are trending huge. Translation: A whole lot of everything is going on.

Instagram photo of the accessory table at our holiday fashion shoot. Bling bling!


The number of statement accessories currently on the market is making me a very happy girl. But I realize that most people don’t swoon as easily as I do when it comes to bold baubles and rhinestone-encrusted finds. I guess it’s a hit or miss kind of thing.

In a lot of ways, accessories are like fragrances. They’re both very personal in taste. Once you’ve developed a bond with a certain scent or style, it draws you in every time you smell it (or see it), whereas others scents or styles can instantly repel you.

Here are a few of my favourite scores I’ve snapped up this season. And snapped in the literal sense on Instagram, too. All of these items are still in stores – and are priced at $50 or less.

  • Style: Collar necklace
  • Material: Metal
  • Store: Expression at The Bay
  • Price: $35


  • Style: Baroque earrings
  • Material: Metal and plastic
  • Store: H&M
  • Price: $10


  • Style: Large faceted stone necklace
  • Material: Metal, rhinestones and rope
  • Store: Express
  • Price: $50

Are you a fan of ornate, elaborate and totally gutsy accessories, too? I’d love to hear where you score your favourite costume jewelry finds.