Editor tested: Eyelash extensions

Have you ever thought about trying eyelash extensions? I have – and I’ve become borderline addicted. I’m so gaga over them that I’m giving this beauty service the coveted title of game changer.

When it comes to length and thickness, my lashes are somewhat average. My major gripe is their colour.  They’re super light. Which makes me completely dependent on my mascara every time I leave the house.

But now I can put down the mascara wand. Yesterday I had a full set of lash extensions applied at Concepts Salon and Spa in Toronto in preparation for my vacation to Texas. Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? Why not?!

Top: Before with no makeup. Bottom: After with no makeup.


My Texas-size lashes were expertly applied by Samanna Globa, an esthetician at Concepts Salon and Spa. The process took about an hour and a half and was totally painless. Each lash extension is individually glued (using a special bonding adhesive) to your own individual lashes.

Although some lash bars and spas use real mink hair, Globa applied synthetic extensions to my lashes. The down side to mink is that it looks too natural and can’t give you the drama that synthetic lashes offer. Depending on the look you’re after, you can have anywhere between 50 to 90 lashes applied, per eye. I think I had between 55 to 70 put in.

With over five years of experience applying lash extensions, Globa has seen a recent surge in popularity with this service.

“Everyone is just so busy,” she says. “Once you have them on it simplifies your whole beauty routine.”

Her clientele ranges from teens to retirees, but the majority are busy business women.

The most common reference point her clients use is Kim Kardashian. “I’ve had clients who have told me they don’t want to look like Kim Kardashian,” she says. “But the next time they come in they want more drama so they’ll say ‘Oh OK, we can go for the Kim Kardashian look,'” she says.

Here are Globa’s rules for keeping lash extensions looking lush.

  1. No contact with water for the first 24 hours.
  2. Be gentle when removing eye makeup. No tugging and twisting with a cotton pad. Instead, she suggests using a Q-Tip with a water-based makeup remover. Keep oily products away.
  3. Comb them out. They are likely to get criss-crossed at some point, so use a spoolie wand to keep them well groomed.
  4. Get them refilled every two-and-a-half to three weeks.

My favourite part about having them? Waking up and feeling like I don’t need to put on any makeup to look normal.