Ethical beauty: Water watch body wash


Sarah Feldman is a recent graduate of McGill University and is Canadian Living’s newest style and beauty intern. She loves chevron stripes, blueberry Greek yogurt and hilarious words, like collywobble and palpebrate. As a proud member of Generation Y, Sarah Instagramstweets and blogs about student life in her spare time.

By Sarah Feldman

I’ll admit it: I’m guilty of taking really long, really hot and really wasteful showers.

Did you know that the average five-minute shower uses 35 litres of water, which constitutes 70 per cent of our recommended daily water use? Eek! I’m putting all my cards out on the table: my showers are rarely only five minutes long. Or 10. To be honest, 15 to 20 minutes is more accurate.

I’m attempting to shave some time off of my water activities by adding Soap and Glory’s 2-Minute Rinse to my shower routine.

What’s the 2-Minute Rinse, you ask? Well, according to beauty, bath and body company Soap and Glory, the 2-Minute Rinse is a necessary component of any responsible shower. Rather than dawdle under the shower head for a prolonged period of time, the 2-Minute Rinse prescribes an eco-friendly and easy to follow plan of action for saving water, time and money on your utility bills.

Win-win-win, if you ask me! So, lather up if you love the Earth.

Do the 2-Minute Rinse

  1. TAP ON for 40 seconds to warm up and get “all-over watered.”
  2. TAP OFF while you suds up, scrub, shave and shampoo.
  3. TAP ON to rinse for 40 seconds (give or take, depending on the length and thickness of your hair).
  4. TAP OFF while you massage in conditioner.
  5. TAP ON for a final 40-second rinse.