Fast fashion: Stylish rain gear


Sarah Feldman is a recent graduate of McGill University and is Canadian Living’s newest style and beauty intern. She loves chevron stripes, blueberry Greek yogurt and hilarious words, like collywobble and palpebrate. As a proud member of Generation Y, Sarah Instagramstweets and blogs about student life in her spare time.

Alright, June, it’s time to get your act together. I’ve had enough of these dank, dark, and depressing rainy days. Where are the clear skies and perfect weather of Junes past? And, more importantly, how can I follow Kate Daley’s advice to fake a natural glow with bronzer when there is no sun to complete my alibi?

I’m sick of it, and I bet you are, too.

Being an optimist person, I try to look of the bright side of things. First, the humidity in the air leads to some serious va-va-voom on the hair front – a big plus for ladies like me with lifeless locks. Second, rainy days in the spring and summer – while certainly sticky – provide the perfect opportunity to round out your wardrobe with rain gear that is functional and adorable, made especially for moist and muggy days.

So, before the rain puts us to sleep, let’s get started, shall we?

Rainy Day Flats in Neon Pink, $33.50,


I’m loving these Rainy Day Ballet Flats from J. Crew Factory, because they fit within my “cute-shoes-or-no-shoes” personal style-osophy. Unless you’re in a public shower or on the deck of a community pool where nasty bacteria run rampant, rubber flip flops are, in my opinion, an all-season no-go. These flats, on the other hand, are breathable, bright, and undeniably chic.


Miss Juliette Bottillon in Black, $185,


If those pretty pink plastic shoes are giving you Aqua “I’m a Barbie Girl flashbacks maybe these french girl chic rubber booties are more your speed. Our fashion & beauty director is head over heels in love with these Aigle ankle boots. A wee bit of luxury with a whole lot of function, these petite wellies just graze the ankles which make for a flattering fit.  Admittedly, it’s a splurge for rubber boots, but each pair is designed and handcrafted in France, plus we adore the addition of the block heel.


Fulton Eliza-2 in Miscellaneous, $45,

I mentioned earlier that one of the benefits of humidity is voluminous hair. Unfortunately, such a silver lining is only possible when your hair is damp from the moisture in the air – not drenched from a torrential downpour. Protect your ‘do with this cute and quirky full-coverage Fulton umbrella.