Editor’s pick: The best hair ties

If you’ve got long hair put your hands up, if you’ve got short hair, make noise! Now that I have your attention with a little hip hop throwback I have to share my favourite beauty treat as of late – ribbon hair ties.

Sephora Ribbon Hair Ties in Neutral Tones, $10, sephora.ca


Hair elastics might seem like a minor part of your overall beauty routine. But actually they’re not. Choosing the right one is pretty important for keeping your hair healthy and split-end free.

Why do I love them?

I’m constantly putting my hair up into a ponytail but these are snag-free so they don’t mangle my strands. They’re great for the gym goer who doesn’t want that tell-tale hair bump after a workout. And they’re ideal for putting up your hair when you wash your face at night – no offense Hillary Clinton, but you don’t really need that scrunchie anymore to avoid the ponytail crease.

These ties are also different from your classic elastic in one big way – they don’t have one big rubber band inside that inevitably stretches out and starts to show through and rip out your hair.  I’ve been using the same one for months – unheard of in the regular elastic world.


Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics, goody.com

They’re also pretty (a.k.a. arm party accessories) instead of the usual yuckiness of that old school hair elastic look.

(Keep an eye out for limited edition collections from Sephora — I snagged a bunch of pink ombre ones and there are also metallics in store – and fun options from Goody.)

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