Beauty app alert: iPerfumer

Photo: Jenn Durfey (c/o Creative Commons)


I don’t know about you, but perusing the perfume aisle at Sephora or The Bay drives me a little cuckoo. Unlike makeup, where you can see the colour on the shelf and envision the product on your (gorgeous) visage, sampling perfume is a high-stakes gamble — and usually the house wins. Spray the wrong juice and you’re either stuck with a ho-hum scent or worse, burdened with a hardcore headache ’til sundown. If you’re really lucky, you’ll stumble upon a perfume that you love, love, love – so much so that you’re ready to shun the rest of your fragrance wardrobe.

Perfume shopping may be the pits, but finding yourself in a decades-long fragrance rut is not an option. Your perfume should change as you do, and if you’ve been wearing the same scent since 1978 (case in point: my mother’s obsession with YSL’s Opium), now is the time to toss your old aromas out the window (and, while you’re at it, your “vintage” bell bottoms, too).

Why now? Well, thanks to iPerfumer, the new app for iPhone by Swiss fragrance company Givaudan (global leader in the fragrance industry), your new scent is but a finger swipe away. Whether you know precisely which notes tickle your fancy (bergamot? blackberry?), or you’re interested in procuring a new scent that’s similar to an old standby, iPerfumer relies on a massive aromatic database to recommend perfumes based on your scent profile and personal preferences.


Get the app here.


Until smell-o-phones come to fruition – and I wouldn’t hold my breath – it’s probably in your best interest to try the fragrance on before you place it in your shopping cart. Everyone’s skin chemistry is different, and scents possess the power to transform based on your skin’s pH level. Although a trip to the perfume counter is still a necessary nuisance, the iPerfumer app renders the quest for the perfect fragrance more conquerable than ever.

So, mom – this one’s for you. Xx.