Fashion find: Bucket bags

The drawstring bucket bag has been making a statement this year with its casual slouchy shape and a long strap for a hands-free commute. The trendy design with just a hint of a 1970s spirit is usually taller than it is wide and is known for an oval or circular bottom and tapered top.

Noé BB in Citron, $1,350,

In May of this year, Louis Vuitton unveiled a colourful mini version of its Noé bucket bag, originally created in 1932 to carry Champagne bottles. If you’ve got the cash for one of these pricey but beautifully made gems, Vuitton just launched e-retail in Canada with, making shopping that much easier.

Prefer a bag that won’t break the bank? We’ve also selected five more affordable options, ranging from punchy yellow to mint green to dove grey. Check them out here.