CoverGirl’s new The Hunger Games campaign is Catching Fire

Whether you’re a fan of The Hunger Games trilogy or not, you simply cannot deny the fierceness of CoverGirl’s newest beauty campaignThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

In anticipation of the film’s release, CoverGirl will be launching a series of looks, each inspired by the 12 districts of Panem – the dystopic, post-apocalyptic nation in which Katniss Everdeen resides.

The first looks on the docket? District 1, the wealthiest province in Panem, and District 4, a sea-based territory whose main industry is fishing.

District 1: Luxury


District 4: Fishing

CoverGirl’s “Capitol makeup artist” Dotti created these stunning visuals with the brand’s Flamed Out Collection (plus a little help from a secret CoverGirl collection hitting store shelves this fall).

Interested in what the next 10 looks will have to offer? Keep current on CoverGirl’s Facebook page – and please let us know what you think of CoverGirl’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire campaign on Twitter!