Finding comfy and cosy fall pajamas

Cosy jam-jams. Just the thought of a freshly-washed pair conjures images of bedtime stories, play forts made out of blankets and bowls of cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons. Of course, pajamas aren’t only for kiddies. They can create that warm, safe feeling for adults, too.

The Cotton Mayfair Pajama, $49.50,

When searching for that perfect pair, consider fabric, colour and shape. Look for cloth that feels nice against your skin and has no rough seams or edges. Pick a hue that makes you feel relaxed and happy (pink is a CL fave, but cool blues are pretty nice too). Finally, pick shorts if you get hot easily, a dress if you like freedom of movement or pants and long sleeves if you want extra layers while you sleep (or just hang out around the house!).

We’ve selected 10 comfy, feminine PJ sets to help in your search.