October beauty deals and steals!

It’s almost that time again: the 11 days that is Bloor-Yorkville’s Beautylicious, a deal-tastic event in Toronto with beauty and wellness services for only $30, $50, $75 or $125. Try anything from aromatherapy to leg waxing to sessions with a personal trainer to a faux lash application, all for 30 to 70 per cent off the regular rate.

Photo Courtesy of Spa Week by WaySpa

Lucky me, I was able to preview two different services this weekend: a health assessment with a Chinese medicine practitioner and a refreshing afternoon facial.

My first stop was the Scollard Acupuncture Clinic at 108 Scollard Street for an appointment with Peter Pavolotsky, a registered practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We spent an hour and a half discussing everything that ails me (from the small things (cold feet, dry eyes, sore neck) to the large (a 12-day cold and chronic exhaustion)). Pavolotsky also checked the pulse in both of my wrists multiple times and we stood on the porch so he could get a good look at my tongue (much to the amusement of the many cars passing through Yorkville, I’m sure).

Before making a diagnosis (the modalities of Chinese medicine – herbs, acupuncture, massage –  can only work if the diagnosis is correct), he explained to me that Chinese medicine doesn’t care about anatomy and specific organs the way that Western medicine does. It cares about organ systems (especially the lung, spleen, kidney, liver and heart) and how they interact and influence one another. He also explained some of the terminology that I was about to hear (yin, yang, qi).

The results? I’m spleen deficient, which means that I’m also particularly deficient in qi (natural energy) and blood (the reason I get cold feet, have low blood pressure, bruise easily and hate drafts). My yin and yang are also out of whack. To treat my problems, Pavolotsky recommends a round of herbs, though I have yet to learn which kinds exactly. I’ll be going back next weekend for another assessment. Hopefully by then I’ll have killed this cold. Pavolotsky gave me a bottle of herb capsules to help in combat and I’m taking 15/day for the next three days. I had no cash, so he was kind enough to start a tab.

Next stop: Holts Salon & Spa for a facial with Kelly Lazoun (much to Pavolotsky’s chagrin, as he expected me to go home straight away and spend the weekend in bed). Once in my wrap and robe, Lazoun led me to a private room and made notes about my skin-care routine. She noted that although I have combination skin, it’s severely dehydrated and suggested adding a toner after cleansing both morning and night and applying a mask every three days. My facial was pretty standard in terms of steps, although I had never been steamed with lemongrass-scented water before. My skin felt extremely hydrated and dewy by the end. The only part I didn’t enjoy was the plastic gloves that Lazoun wore the whole time, probably for sanitary reasons, because they felt weird on my skin. To make up for it: a cup of bright red raspberry tea and a chocolate cookie to finish off the appointment. Yum!

I enjoyed both of my services this weekend and can’t wait to book a couple more. Interested in scheduling one or two for yourself? Click for the full array of treatments, available from October 24 to November 3. 

If those dates don’t work for you or you’re located elsewhere in Canada – say, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria or Whistler – Spa Week by WaySpa.com also runs this month from October 15-21. All treatments are only $50 each and take place at some of the best salons and spas in the country. Click here for the full list of services. I already have appointments for a massage and mani-pedi here in Toronto. Nothing beats stress like a bit of pampering (at a great rate)!