Behind the scenes: November fashion shoot


Our annual coat feature always ends up being one of the trickiest shoots of the year. Why? Because for the last five years Mother Nature has decided on working against us. Come shoot day we either land the rainiest or hottest day of the summer. This year it was the latter of the two, where the mercury climbed to a sweltering 35c. Poor models…

Click the photo to see our behind the scenes video.

Luckily for us we had assembled a dream team with an even dreamier location, Toronto’s Sunnybrook Stables. Everyone from our models who had to work it in hot and heavy winter wears (Lisa and Brenda from Spot6), our hair and makeup artists who performed magic on top of the stables (Kristjan and Aniya from Plutino Group), our photographer and her assistant who spent the whole day outside in the sticky heat (Genevieve Caron and Zack) and the Canadian Living team who did a handful of tasks from schlep, style the models, art direct, produce a behind the scenes video and even bait a horse with hay, (Stephanie, June, Andrea, Sarah and Steve).

Despite the harsh working conditions we were able to snag a few extra shots that never made it into the November issue. We’re saving one for an upcoming issue, but the other is this photo above. We have Lisa (left) wearing a Banana Republic coat, Hudson Jeans, Danier leather gloves and Ecco boots. Brenda (right) is wearing a Soia and Kyo coat, Forever 21 denim blouse, Express necklace, Jacob pants and a Rudsak rabbit fur bag and leather boots.

Maybe our luck will change next year if I get a head start and pray, light a candle and do a little dance for the weather gods. Fingers crossed!