Guest Post: Confessions of a Nail Polish Addict

Helena Yeung is currently a student at the University of Toronto, the president of  her sorority and Canadian Living’s Fashion and Beauty intern. She’s an arm party aficionado, purveyor of polish, Thai boxing addict, style blog consumer and Instagram artist

My name is Helena Yeung and I am a nail art addict. It’s only been a few days since my last swipe of nail lacquer and usage of a dotting tool. I blame my varnish affliction on the variety that’s now being offered in the nail category. I just can’t resist the fantastical array of colours, finishes and sparkles.

I have a serious collection, some might even call it borderline hoarding. I’ve accumulated so much that I have an entire drawer dedicated to my nail polishes.

Ciaté Nail Lab, $78,

My current obsession? The blockbuster holiday offering from Ciaté, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

This British born beauty brand made a splash on the nail art scene with their Caviar Nails — those colourful micro beads adorned the tips of tastemakers, celebrities and trendsetters. The company keeps coming up with ingenious items that wind up filling up drawer — and depleting my bank account.

My most recent addition to my collection is the Ciaté Mini Mani Month. This nail polish advent calendar had the amateur nail artist in me screaming with holiday joy!

But now what I REALLY want is the Ciaté Nail Lab. It contains everything you need to create an at-home nail studio:

  1. Dotting tool
  2. Striping brush
  3. 6 nail pots in signature Ciaté colors
  4. Empty mixing paint pots to create custom nail colours
  5. Suspension Top Coat
  6. Glitter Pot in Splash, Tease, Bombshell
  7. Flitter Pot in Prism, Stiletto, Galactic
  8. Sparkle Pot in Nightfall, Ignite, Crowd Surf
  9. Shimmer Pot in Pout, Day Dream, Pirouette
  10. Funnel
  11. 2 Mini test tube
  12. Silver shaker balls
  13. Mini file
  14. Nail buffer
  15. Paint brush

The kit also includes recipe cards for inspiration, as well as nail-look cards to recreate the trendiest tips.

I really hope my mum reads this post so she knows exactly what to get me for Christmas.