Beauty Beach Prep: The Bikini Ready Checklist

I hit the birthday lottery this year. My main squeeze gifted me with something that’s even better than a Celine Trapeze bag or a pair Christian Louboutin heels — I know, bold statment from a fashion devotee. It was a four night getaway to Mexico! Weeeeee!


The week before my trip I had all my must have bikini prep beauty services booked. First up was my Brazilian wax at my favourite wax bar in the city, WAXON. It’s always an awkward (and painful) process to get this service done but I have few tips on how to make it a wee bit better. First, exfoliate “down there” the morning of your appointment. This will banish the excess skin, which makes the waxing process a lot less painful. Also, find someone who goes quick, like under 10 minutes. I always go to Nicole at WAXON, she’s earned the nicknamed of the waxing ninja because she’s so stealthy and fast.

I’m pale, like really pale, so I booked an appointment to get my fake tan on at Do My Hair, a boutique salon in Toronto. When it comes to self-tanners I’m a St. Tropez purist, nothing compares. I’ve had the St. Tropez spray tan service applied in the past, this is when you stand in front of an esthetician almost naked (lucky you, you’re allowed to wear disposable paper panties) and they spray you with a giant airbrush-esque gun filled with St. Tropez self tanner form top to bottom. At Do My Hair their approach is a little more hands on and a lot more pleasant. First they give you a body scrub to prep your skin for the self-tanner. Once the scrub is rinsed off they use the St. Tropez cream and buff it on the skin. The results of my sunless tan were excellent, the only drawback is you still need to wear the paper panties.

Finally, I got my shellac manicure and pedicure done at Concepts Salon on Bloor St. E.. After a recent nail trend presentation I attended I was craving white nails — apparently the colourless colour is going to be huge this summer. So my go-to esthetician at Concepts (Sumie) applied CND Shellac in Blanc on my fingernails and on my toes I went for Hot Pop Pink.

Hair free, check! Safe golden glow, check! Chip free nails, check! Gosh, it takes a lot of work to be a woman, but it was worth it. Especially when there’s a beach vacation to look forward to.