DIY nails: A shimmering ‘Hunger Games’-inspired mani

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is in theatres today and is sure to fill the concessions line-ups and theatre seats with eager moviegoers. In honour of the big day, our assistant art director (and Hunger Games fangirl) Aimée Nishitoba painted her nails with a flame-like finish in shades of red, gold and black.

Hunger Games Nails

You can get the look too with your own nail polish, or by using the mini polishes from CoverGirl‘s Capitol collection, $5 each.

Hunger Games nail polishes

From left: CoverGirl Capital Collection Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis in Sulfur Blaze, Seared Bronze, Rogue Red and Black Heat.

Here’s how:

1. Apply a base coat.

2. Paint two coats of shimmery black polish on all nails (unless you want to paint one or both of your ring fingers a different accent colour, like Aimée did).

3. Cut up a cosmetic sponge into smaller pieces and use it to dab a shimmery yellow gold polish from the cuticle to about two thirds of the way down each nail.

4. Repeat this step with shimmery orange polish, though only go about halfway down the nail.

5. Repeat again with shimmery red polish, only going about a quarter of the way down the nail.

6. Seal with a top coat.