We’ve found the world’s greatest suitcase

When I recently attended the Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI) Press and Buyer’s Brunch, I came across this amazing suitcase. Seriously, I feel a surge of excitement whenever I think of its clean lines and organized interior. This stunning creation is called the Quartermaster by Ebby Rane, and the brand is taking pre-orders for spring as of December 10, 2013.

Ebby Rane luxury suitcase

The reason for this feat of the imagination that makes me even more giddy than a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk? Creator Sonja M. Salmon noticed that luggage was either extremely masculine or too bright and gaudily patterned—completely inappropriate for business travel. It was also always an empty void with no organization.

Enter, the Quartermaster!

The deets:

1. It comes in three luxe colour combos: black with a deep plum interior, forest green with a green and orange interior, and cream with a dusty blue and sandstone interior.

2. It’s the size of a carry-on, which means it’s perfect for business trips or weekend getaways.

3. All variations have honey leather detailing and a slim leather envelope clutch.

Woman holding leather clutch

4. In addition to the clutch, there are 10 cases including: a laundry bag, a lingerie bag, two shoe sleeves, a waterproof beach bag, a vanity case, a jewellery case, a cosmetics bag, a tech case and a liquids case.

Everything about this suitcase is beautiful and it feels like quality. Of course, this gorgeous piece of luggage comes with a price tag: $1,145.