How to dress for a party

  How to dress for a party

It’s New Year’s Eve and you have to look fabulous tonight! If there’s anyone who knows how to prepare for a big night out it’s Victoria Beckham. The singer-turned-successful fashion designer doesn’t use a stylist (except for professional fashion shoots) and why should she—she looks pulled together in every photo the paparazzi snaps of her. Beckham’s book That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything In Between is your best bet for advice on how to dress well for New Year’s Eve, or for any party. Here’s how to step out in style:

1. “As for the outfit, I always plan it the night before to save more time and also because I hate making rushed decisions as that’s when mistakes tend to happen.”
Beckham advises investing in a classic dress with simple lines, and saying no to fussy or complicated outfits. Dresses that look like they’re from another era, for example, are timeless and won’t become dated in the years to come. Then, get an opinion on your outfit from someone you trust, preferably another woman—they’ll understand what you’re trying to put together more than a man who may say it’s fine, just to hurry you up.

2. “Never buy a dress that is too tight for you. But if you do… never go to a party without safety pins.”
Avoid having to pin yourself back into a dress because you bought it a size too small and the zipper broke when you sat down to dinner. The number on the label doesn’t matter—get the size that fits. That said, always be ready for a wardrobe malfunction. Having a few safety pins in your clutch is never a bad idea.

3. “If you find dresses a little overwhelming but still want to go for a feminine look, there are many pretty skirts out there, such as ones trimmed with beads or delicate piping.”
If you choose to wear a fancy skirt, keep the top simple. Beckham loves a tulle skirt and cardigan combo. Also, you may want to consider what your date is wearing—if he’s dressing down, don’t throw on a gown.

4. “A trouser suit can make just as much of a statement as an evening dress.”
Wearing masculine attire can be very sexy. Beckham writes that the key is to select a well-cut suit that flatters your figure. Defining your waist with a cummerbund will also accentuate your curves. You don’t want to look shapeless in a too-big ensemble.

5. “Accessories are where you can really go to town with your party outfit if you’ve played it safe with the dress.”
Beckham writes that the finishing touches are what can make your party outfit really sing. Large hoop or chandelier earrings, sequinned or chainmail clutches, coloured cocktail rings and sparkly chokers are statements pieces that will elevate your party attire.

Photo courtesy FlickrCC/Wickerfurniture