Beauty news: Beyoncé is set to release her third fragrance

Exactly one week after Beyonce released her unannounced self titled album to unsuspecting/thrilled fans, WWD broke the news that the singer will be releasing her third fragrance come end of February.

In 2010, Beyonce’s first juice was created to capture her sensuality, entitled Heat. After its success her second fragrance pillar was called Pulse, this scent was designed to capture the singer’s onstage persona — Sasha Fierce.

Now, in early 2014 Rise will be launched. While attending a Coty preview in November I had a sniff of her latest juice and I found it quiet different than her previous perfumes. It’s a fresh spicy, woody, floral that feature’s the “Golden Symphony” orchid as its main note. This sent is said to be inspired by the works of Queen Bey’s favourite poet, Maya Angelou. It’s hasn’t been confirmed which poem from Angelou was the insperation, but based on the title of the perfume it’s safe to assume it is “Still I Rise”.

Have you ever bought a celebrity branded fragrance? If so, which one?