5 eco-friendly beauty brands you need to know

With every passing decade, women become more conscious of the ingredients in their skin care and makeup products. For many North Americans, that means a distrust in toxic ingredients and endocrine or hormone disruptors such as phthalates, parabens and formaldehyde, as well as a desire for recyclable packaging and cruelty-free production.

Here are 5 lesser-known brands that can help green-ify your life:

Osmia Organics

Started in 2010, this American company came into being shortly after its founder took a soap-making class. The ingredients are largely organic and the list will never include harmful additions such as synthetic fragrance, artificial colours or irritants. The brand is extremely transparent about what it will and will not put into a product, and you can read about their process here. You can purchase the products, including body oils, facial serums and face masks, at clementinefields.ca for $4-$67, depending on the product.

Surya Brasil

This gluten-free brand was founded in 1995 in São Paolo, Brazil and has certifications up the wazoo! We’re talking Ecocert (organic), Vegan, PETA (cruelty free), Forest Stewardship Council (using paper products from controlled sources), Fair Trade and more. Surya Brasil is best known for its natural cream semi-permanent hair colour, but also creates products for hair care, skin care and body care. The new Sapien Women line smells fruity (like mango!), not like herbs or essential oils, and includes a body scrub, facial scrub, body moisturizer, shave gel and shower gel ($17-$28.50 each). The brand is available in Canada at Whole Foods and on well.ca.

Eaurganic by D’Avicenna

Eaurganic is another brand that is all about certifications, plus creating quality products that will be non-irritating and as environmentally friendly as possible. All packaging is recyclable, while the products themselves are 100 per cent natural and at least 95 per cent organic. With such a high demand for skin care for sensitive skin, the brand has also branched out into gluten-free, vegan and baby products. Pricing ranges from $16 for hand soap to $60 for anti-aging skin care. Visit eaurganic.com for more details.

Inspired Soap Works Limited

Inspired Soak Works is all about bathing—from Dead Sea salt soaks and bath fizzies to loofah soaps and body salves (products range from $3-$18 each). The soaps are the heart of the line, and are made with olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil and essential oils. They’re made in small patches, poured into wooden molds, then hand cut. Pretty awesome.

Farmhouse Fresh

Texas-based Farmhouse Fresh focuses on decadent, giftable creams, scrubs and soaps made with 90 to 99.6 per cent natural or naturally derived ingredients. Many products are also gluten-free or vegan, and each is labelled accordingly. Take a minute to browse through their website. You’ll be sure to find something that looks pretty and will smell delicious in your bath or on your body. The brand is available at salons and spas in Canada and pricing ranges from $8-$34. Click here for locations.