5 questions to ask your potential plastic surgeon

On the hunt for a good plastic surgeon to perform aesthetic surgery on your face or body? Recommendations from friends, searches on the Internet and a scan through the Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (CSAPS) database are good places to start, but you should never commit to a surgeon before having a proper consultation. According to Drs. Sandy Pritchard and Julie Khanna, it’s important to ask your prospective doctor the following questions before signing up.


Photo by Istockphoto

1. How long have you been practicing?

There isn’t a set correct answer here, but if you’re trying to decide between two surgeons and one has more years of experience, go with her.

2. Can I see before/after photos?

Every doctor has a different aesthetic preference, which means that the results that she gives you will likely fall under that preference. Some women might want a doctor with an extremely light touch. Others may want their surgery to produce an extreme change. You want to find a doctor that has similar aesthetic preferences to your own.

3. Can I talk to previous patients?

If the doctor that you’re considering doesn’t come recommended by a friend or family member, ask to speak with other patients to understand their experiences and results.

4. How many surgeries do you perform?

The answer should be “a lot.” Look for a doctor whose primary focus is aesthetic surgery, not reconstructive, and frequently operates in the area of your choice. If you want breast implants, go to someone whose main focus is breast implants. Don’t go to a facelift specialist for breast surgery, even if the facelift specialist is capable of performing a breast augmentation.

5. Where will the surgery take place?

In general, private clinics (with certified plastic surgeons) have lower infection rates and better care from nurses and assistants. However, you should have your surgery wherever your doctor has a routine with which she is comfortable.

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