3 festive floral arrangements

Get inspired with festive floral arrangement ideas from Bruno Duarte, owner and creative director of Fresh Floral Creations in Toronto. With these simple techniques, you can bring high-end style into the comforts of your own home. 

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1. The look: Orchids and evergreens

If your idea of seasonal greenery consists of a single foil-wrapped grocery store poinsettia, it’s time to step up your game. That doesn’t necessarily mean spending more money, but it does mean branching out into fresh-cut arrangements that will have your guests marveling at your festive flair. Just take a tip or three from the inspired designs of Bruno Duarte, owner and creative director of Fresh Floral Creations in Toronto, and bring his high-end looks home with our easy step-by-step instructions.

1. Orchids and evergreens
The look: Traditional with a twist
Although it includes elements of a classic Christmas arrangement – evergreens, pinecones and baubles on wired picks – this centerpiece is anything but safe. The addition of a few Cymbidium orchids is totally unexpected, and brings an exotic edge to these seasonal staples.

What you'll need:
Rectangular vessel
Wet floral foam
Twig placemat
Thin-gauge copper wire
Wire clippers
Floral water picks
Floral wire picks
5 pinecones
Silver fir branches
5 stems Cymbidium orchids
Shatterproof ornaments

How to make it:

1. Fill vessel with pre-soaked wet floral foam. Cut top of floral foam flush to rim of vessel. Cut twig placemat in half lengthwise; wrap one half around vessel, trimming other half to fit so all four sides are covered. Wind copper wire around placemat sections to hold in place.
2. Insert spruce sprigs along outside edges of floral foam. Sprigs should conceal rim of vessel.
3. Attach pinecones, clusters of red metallic ornaments and gold glitter ornaments to wire picks. Insert picks into floral foam.
4. Fill water picks. Trim orchids to two inches beneath bloom and place in water picks. Insert water picks into floral foam.

Instant update: Revamp a lacklustre vessel by wrapping it in a textured placemat!

Flower Power: Cymbidium orchids will last for several weeks after being cut.

What the pros know: If your wet floral foam looks like a brick of swiss cheese, you’re doing it wrong, says Duarte. "The biggest mistake you can make with wet floral foam is to insert a stem, pull it out, and reinsert it," he says. "The more holes you make, the less likely your flowers will stay hydrated."

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