5 healthy herbs: It's easy to grow them

Freshen up your meals with herbs straight out of the garden or the pot on your windowsill.

5 healthy herbs: 1 of 6
A pinch or a dash of one dried herb or a few fresh leaves of another can mean the difference between Italian heat and Spanish flair in your cooking. Best of all, these choices – and countless more – can be as accessible as stepping into your backyard or onto your balcony for fresh herbs. Yvonne Tremblay, former associate food editor of Homemakers and author of Thyme in the Kitchen: Cooking with Fresh Herbs, says herbs make healthy food taste great. They are also easy to grow and a simple way to add variety to meals, especially if they are picked just minutes before you use them. Start your own herb collection in your garden or on your windowsill with a few different flavours suited to all types of meals.

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