8 ways to decorate with black

These inspired decorating ideas will inspire you to decorate with black, and enjoy the art of darkness.

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1. Back to black

Even if you’ve ditched dark colours in favour of a lighter, brighter palette, there’s always room for the moodiest of hues. Here’s a five-step plan for going back to black.

1. Use dark-coloured upholstery to draw attention to a furnishing’s shapely silhouette. When drenched in black, ornate and sculptural pieces take on an ubertheatrical edge.

2. Paint a hardwood floor in high-gloss black. Given the proper prep, it will maintain its sheen for years. And even when the paint starts to wear, the effect is utterly charming.

3. Dot your living room with a few black accessories, and add a side table with a wrought-iron base. The repetition of the hue will help integrate your home electronics into your decor, making them less of an eyesore.

4. Reinvent some of your favourite photos as high-end art by applying a black-and-white filter before printing them. Mount them with crisp white mats and hang them in a variety of black frames, and you’ll have a gallery-style arrangement in an instant.

5. Use black as an exclamation point. The eye naturally gravitates to the darkest element in a space, so black is the ideal colour for a room’s focal point. In the bedroom, for instance, consider a black upholstered headboard.

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