Ask a designer: What's the easiest way to declutter?

Designers Glen Peloso and Jamie Alexander share tips on how to bring order to a chaotic space.

peloso alexander showroom

All furniture, rugs and lighting, Peloso Alexander Showroom; Photography by Arnal Photography

Q: What's the quickest way to make a space look uncluttered? - Vicky S., Toronto

A: From a visual perspective, clutter is a case of having too many things to look at. It's a lot of work for our brain to process everything we see in a room, and, when there's a lot of clutter, we feel rushed, panicked and uncomfortable. The easiest way to cut through the clutter is to put several small things into something larger. You might, for example, take all of the remotes, eyeglasses and pocketbooks off of the coffee table and put them inside one lovely decorative box. Anything you don't need, get rid of. Have a look at the etageres on either side of the semi-circular blue velvet sofa (above). They are full-looking even though there are only a handful of objects out on display. This simplicity helps to create a sense of calm--the exact opposite of the chaotic effect of clutter

For more decorating inspiration from Glen and Jamie, check out the new Peloso Alexander Showroom in downtown Toronto.

peloso alexander showroom

Photography by Arnal Photography

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