Creative glass-beaded vase

Love to arrange flowers? Craft a stylish glass-beaded vase as beautiful as the fresh flowers you put in it.

How to make a glass-beaded vase
Sometimes the simplest home decor ideas are the best. Delicate twisted wire and flower-shaped metallized beads are all that are needed to decorate this pretty colored vase. To make a matching set, try to arrange the beads exactly the same distance apart on each wire and wind the wire in the same direction. Use a glue that is suitable for sticking beads to glass.

You need:
• 5 feet of 24-gauge silver-plated wire
• colored vase, approximately 8 inches tall
• ruler
• safety glasses
• wire cutters
• masking tape
• vise
• cup hook
• hand drill
• silver flower beads, 5/16 in., approximately 20
• silver crimps, approximately 40
• flat-nosed pliers
• glue

Take a look at the step-by-step instructions for this craft.
To make:
Wrap the end of a reel of 24-gauge silver-plated wire around a glass vase and make a note of its length. Wearing safety glasses, cut the wire approximately two and a half times this length.

2. Fold the wire in half and tape the ends together with masking tape. Secure the taped ends in a vise. Fit a cup hook to a hand drill. Slip the folded loop over the cup hook and walk back until the wire is fairly taut. Wearing safety glasses, turn the drill to twist the wire. Reverse the drill for several turns to take the tension out of the wire.

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