DIY Instagram photo frame

With just some paint, a headboard and a little bit of time you can finally have a way to display all your Instagram photos. This Instagram photo frame will add a burst of colour to your family room or your bedroom. 

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Step 1

What you'll need

·Hardboard - 48 by 96 inches
·2 - 1 by 2 by 8 inches
·2 - 1 by 2 by 4 inches
·White acrylic paint
·Black acrylic paint
·Paint primer / Gesso
·½ inch masking tape
·1000 square photo self-adhesive stickers
·Digital photo archival spray (optional)
·Fine sandpaper
·39 sheets of glossy photo paper (optional)
·Scissors or exacto knife and ruler

Resize 231 photos to be 3 by 3 inches using the template provided and either print them on photo paper with your home printer or get them professionally printed.

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