Easy DIY decor

Instead of buying pricey pieces to decorate your home, why not make your own. We have 4 simple crafts that will brighten up any space. 

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1. Leaf silhouettes

It takes an artist of considerable skill and precision to capture still life with a paintbrush. Luckily, for the rest of us, there’s spray paint. To create these simple botanical silhouettes, cut interesting pieces of foliage, including leaves and flowers. Place the cuttings on watercolour paper or card stock, and hit them with a few light coats of brightly hued spray paint. Remove the cuttings, allow the paint to dry, then mount the paper in frames for a high-impact gallery-style grouping.

Virserum frames in white, $13 each, ikea.ca.
Stanchions, chairmanmills.com.

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