Make an upholstered camp blanket headboard

Repurpose that favourite camp blanket as a DIY upholstered headboard and enjoy it year-round.

DIY headboard for the cottage
Photography by Ryan Brook/TC Media
No northern getaway would be complete without a cache of warm and woolly camp blankets. Although summer calls for lighter cotton bedding, you can enjoy this handsome striped number year-round by repurposing it as upholstery for a luxe-looking wall-mounted headboard. (It’s easier to make than you might expect!)

NOTE: This headboard fits a double bed.

To make an upholstered camp headboard you'll need

1 camp blanket (at least 70 x 56 inches)
54-x-40-inch piece upholstery foam
54-x-40-inch panel 1⁄2-inch medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or particleboard
2 hinged hangers
2 toggle bolts
Sharp scissors
Heavy-duty stapler and staples

To make: 

1. Place blanket face down on flat surface. Centre foam on top of blanket; place board on top of foam. Using scissors, cut blanket to leave an 8-inch border on all sides.

2. Wrap 1 side of blanket tightly over foam and board. Starting from centre of wrapped side and using stapler, fasten blanket to panel, stapling every 2 inches but leaving 4 inches unstapled at each corner. Repeat on opposite side, then on remaining 2 sides.

3. Fold in corners as if wrapping a present. Cut away excess fabric and staple in place.

4. On back of board at top left corner, measure in 1 foot from top, then 1 foot from side; using drill, attach hinged hanger. Repeat at right corner. Use toggle bolts and level to mount headboard at desired height on bedroom wall.

Camp classic: 

Pendleton 84-by-66-inch wool-cotton camp blanket in green heather, $129,

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This story was originally titled "Go North!" in the July 2013 issue.

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