Photo gallery: Bedroom decorating ideas for a master bedroom you'll love

Watch as designer Jane Lockhart takes an outdated bedroom from cluttered and unfinished to sophisticated and serene. Jane describes the bedroom makeover and shows you how to get the look in your home.

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Before the makeover

For most of us, the last room in the house to get any decorating attention is typically the bedroom. It's surprising how neglected this room is, since those of us who are lucky enough to get eight hours of sleep a night spend a third of our lives in it. But that time is spent sleeping, oblivious to the world around us. And it's so easy to just close the door and leave the mess and chaos to be sorted another day.

Don't wait another day to turn your nightmare of a bedroom into a calm and comfortable space. Here's how interior designer Jane Lockhart helped one homeowner transform a cluttered, outdated bedroom into a chic new room designed for sweet dreams. Here's a picture of the room before Jane's help.

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