Photo gallery: Home craft project -- Make your own garden path

Love gardening? Check out our step-by-step guide to mixing and moulding your own garden path.

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Ornamental garden path stones

There's something empowering about mixing up a batch of concrete and transforming the runny, lumpy mess into a smooth decorative form. Concrete (a mixture of cement, sand and gravel) can be cast in any size or configuration, to construct everything from bridges and skyscrapers to garden ornaments and outdoor furniture, too.

Attempting a project made of concrete can be a bit intimidating. At least that's how I felt when I decided to make my own stepping-stones. I wanted something that looked more natural than what was available at garden centres. First I drew a simple leaf pattern on paper, then I used it as a template to make the mould.

It's fun and easy. Here's how.

What you will need:
• 10 cm (4-in) wide plastic garden edging*, cut into 50 cm (20-in) lengths for each mould
• 30 kg (65 lb) bag rapid-setting concrete* (one bag will make three to four stones)
• Crushed gravel*
• Sand*
• Level, scissors, duct tape, water, spade, hoe, trowel, sheet of plastic or piece of burlap
*Available at garden centres or home improvement stores. Each stone will be about 25 cm wide x 30 cm long x 5 cm thick (10 in wide x 12 in long x 2 in thick).

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