Tiny knitted dolls for kids

Learn how to knit a group of tiny knitted dolls that any child will love.

How to make a knitted doll: Materials and tips

Grandmother and knitter Janet Clark drew on her experience in both roles to design these knitted dolls that are easy for big hands to make and little hands to hold. With a simple change of yarn colours and clothing styles, her pint-size people can be personalized to suit any child.

To keep it a surprise, hide each doll in its own drawstring bag. Tucked into a pocket or under the covers, just one of these dolls can be a friendly companion for any child. But, like Janet, you may not be able to stop until you've knitted a neighbourhoodful – they're quick to knit and a wonderful way to use up all your scraps of yarn.

You need:
• Small amounts of sport-weight yarn in white and desired colours for clothes, hair and skin
• Pair of 3.75 mm needles*
• Pair of 3.25 mm needles*
• Polyester stuffing
• Stitch holder and tapestry needle

*OR whichever needles you require to produce the tensions given below

22 sts and 44 rows = 10 cm (4 ins) in garter stitch (knit every row) using larger needles.
25 sts and 36 rows = 10 cm in stocking stitch using smaller needles.

Designer's tips:
• Use smaller needles for doll and clothing. Use larger needles for bag.
• Standard abbreviations are used.
• Choose your own colours; pattern differentiates colour areas only.
• From the bottom up, legs, torso and head are worked in 1 piece. Arms are knitted seperately and sewn on.
• At beginning and end of each yarn colour, leave a tail approx 13 cm (5 ins) long to use for sewing up.
Sew doll and clothes using ladder stitch; knot yarn end, then push into doll.
• Use small amounts of stuffing; push into doll with eraser end of pencil.
• Bag is worked in vertical rows.

Dressing your dolls:
• For striped shirts, sweaters and hats, knit 2 rows each of 2 different colours, or 1 row each of 3 different colours.
• For checked shirts or sweaters, work 2 colours into alternating checks, 2 sts wide and 2 rows high.
• Stitch lazy daisy flowers onto hat brims, bibs or shirts.
• Sew French-knot buttons.
• Add pockets anywhere: Cast on 4 sts, work 5 rows St st and cast off knitwise. Sew pocket(s) to clothing with open cast-off edge(s) at top.
• Make and sew on all hats before stitching hair, with one exception: make braids, then sew to head before hat so top ends are hidden underneath. Handstitch bangs and hair below hats using stem or satin stitches.

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