3 easy Valentine's Day crafts your children can make at home

Gather your brood inside to make handmade Valentine's Day crafts. Cards, card holders and bunting are sure to help make this year's Feb. 14 a special occasion.

Be Mine bunting Valentine's Day craft
Show someone special just how much you love them with one (or more!) of these easy paper crafts. Click on the thumbnail images below to open a larger photograph of each finished craft.

"Be Mine" bunting
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1. Using a word-processing program, type your message; style in desired font and type size (we used Bookman Antique at 144 points) and print.

2. Download, print and cut out heart template.

3. Trace template onto red and white card stock, making 1 white heart and 1 red heart for each character (including spaces). Using scissors, cut out hearts; set white hearts aside.

4. Centre each letter, printed side down, on wrong side of a red heart and trace, using sharp pencil and pressing heavily. For a "space," draw smaller heart on wrong side of red heart.

5. Using X-acto knife or small, sharp scissors, cut out letters and heart shapes

6. Using glue pen or glue stick, glue red hearts to white hearts. With Scotch tape, affix large loop of paper clip to wrong side of each white heart, just below centre dip.

7. Clip hearts to desired length of ribbon and hang.

Heart card holder
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1. Fold 22 x 28 cm (8-1/2- x 11-inch) piece red card stock in half so that long edges meet; crease fold.

2. Using scissors, trim corners from one end of rectangle to form rounded end.

3. Unfold paper and lay flat on work surface with rounded ends at top. Fold bottom edge up so that untrimmed edge is approx 5 cm (2 inches) from top; crease. Fold bottom left corner in to meet crease in middle of page; crease. Repeat for right side. Fold top (untrimmed) edge of paper down to overlap; affix with craft glue.

4. Decorate as desired with glitter glue, markers, buttons or sequins. 

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