How to make beer can patio string lights

No matter what the season, you’ve probably got a set of outdoor lights that could benefit from some upcycled beer can couture. Try out this beer can craft to dress up your patio.

How to make beer can patio string lights
Photo by Laura Sams and Robert Sams
While these strands make excellent party lights at night, they look equally cool in the daytime, when you can admire the fine design on your favorite brands. Pick a beer to match your patio decor or mix it up as I did for a cornucopia of colors. Besides the case of beer you’d be drinking anyway, the only supply you’ll need is a box of brads from the office store, making this craft can glam on the cheap!

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  • Photocopier
  • Scissors
  • Can opener
  • Enough beer cans for your lights (this strand required 25)
  • Pencil paper hole punch
  • 1 string of outdoor globe lights (1 1/2 inches in diameter)
  • 50 Brads, or 2 brads per light

How to:
1. Copy and cut out this pattern.
2. Use the can opener and scissors to remove the top and bottom of each can and make a cut down the sides.
3. Flatten the resulting aluminum panels.
4. Trace the template onto each can panel and cut out.
5. Punch out holes A, B, and C.
6. Line up holes A and B, put a brad in through the front, and open it on the inside.
7. Adjust the shade until the overlapping scallops are aligned.
8. Punch a hole through hole C into the aluminum beneath it. Put a second brad through this hole.
9. Making sure your lights are not plugged in, unscrew a bulb from the strand and slide a shade over the base. Screw the bulb back into place.
10. Repeat with the remaining bulbs. Dig into that second case of beer when you’re completely finished.

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