Kids' crafts: How to create your own storytelling jar

Looking for fun kids' crafts? This storytelling jar is the perfect interactive craft to keep kids busy while they use their imaginations. 

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Storytelling jar

Think of it as a storytelling terrarium. Children enjoy using the storytelling jar to inspire their imagination and tell stories about its inhabitants. Encourage children to change the story stones in order to create new and different stories. Put one on a desk or table as inspiration for a young writer. The experience of planning for and actually making the jar is fun and highly imaginative.

Time to make: 1½–2 hours

To make: 5+ (with the help of an adult)
To use: 3+

Players: 1+

9" diameter lid or circular stencil
¼ yard green felt
needle and thread
glass jar (dill pickle or applesauce size)
fabric glue
hole punch
paper scraps
sharp knife
a button
masking tape
story stones

Photography: ©Buff Strickland

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