Kids' crafts for summer

Kids' crafts for summer are a great way to get your little ones away from technology and engage them in something more interactive. From building kites to creating stylish t-shirts, this summer craft guide has something fun for kids of all ages.

Kids crafts: Educational and home and garden crafts
The summer is a great time to get crafty with your kids. Make this a summer to remember by introducing them to new hobbies, such as weaving, painting and sculpting. 

Keep your kids busy by getting them involved with different projects. If you’re down at the beach, collect shells that can later be used to decorate photo frames or make pretty necklaces. 

Try to find a craft that appeals to your child’s interest. If your little one is outdoorsy, build a birdhouse. If he or she would rather stay indoors, the two of you can make a summer scrapbook. Plus there's no reason why crafts can't be fun and educational at the same time. 

Crafts are a great way to bond with your kids, so browse this selection of summer crafts for kids and spark some creativity in your youngsters.

Educational crafts:
Crafts and toys for kids: Free, fun and educational
Kids' crafts and toys don't need to be complicated and expensive. Discover the educational toys that are already hiding around your house.

Miniature hovercraft
This science experiment is not only fun to make but educational too!

Magic potion
An easy science experiment to do with the kids.

Mini movies
How do movies move? Here's how to make a toy called a thaumatrope that will reveal the secret.

Periscope adventures
It will be a summer of backyard exploration with this easy-to-make craft.

Home and garden crafts:
How to make a seashell picture frame
Put your seashell collection to good use with this fun beach-inspired craft. It's a great way to remember a perfect day at the beach with friends or family.

Bookworm baubles
Create a wire and bead bookmark to hold your page.

Ballet style
This tutu lampshade is sure to take centre stage in any child’s room.

Photo gallery: Kids' craft -- Make red and white pinwheels
Take a spin in the summer wind with a fun, easy-to-make pinwheel.

Butterfly clips
Decorate your room with these easy-to-make coffee filter butterflies.

We all scream for ice cream!
A tribute to summer's coolest treat with an easy craft for kids, plus 10 ice cream recipes your family will love.

Flourishing flowers
This easy-to-make kids' craft is perfect for any kid -- no green thumb necessary.

Decorate a birdhouse with your kids
Get your children in tune with nature -- and keep them busy over March break -- with their very own birdhouse.

Paper bag wind sock
Use all the bits and pieces from your art supply cupboard to make this simple craft.

Make a family memory box
Help improve your child's literacy level by having them make a family memory box.

Chloe and Mathieu's plastic shopping bag project
Chloe and Mathieu's school challenged them to create a recycled craft. Here's a great pattern that they came up with.

Judge this book by its cover
Create a memory book to capture all your summer fun.

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