Photo gallery: How to make a wastepaper basket

Fun to make – and almost free – these containers put a whole new slant on the phrase "wastepaper baskets."

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Designer's tips:

• For your first basket, avoid using slippery, shiny magazine paper.
• Weave with the outside facing you.
• The trickiest step is making the bottom corners, which may take a few tries; once they're done, the strips cross over in the direction you will weave them to finish the sides – the rest is easy.
• Before finishing the rim, gently pull strips to tighten all the weaving.
• Gluing down the strip ends in Step 5 is quick and easy. For a traditional finish, diagonally fold each end into a point (trim the end even with the side of the strip); fold it over the rim and weave it over and under 4 strips down the inside, and trim.

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