Fleece hot-water bottle bag

A fleece bag helps to insulate your hot-water bottle.

Wrap your hot-water bottle in a soft cuddly covering.

Lay hot-water bottle flat on piece of paper; 4 cm (1-5/8 in) out from edges, trace shape to make pattern, extending each side-edge line straight up to 2.5 cm (1 in) beyond top edge of hot-water bottle neck. From piece of double-sided synthetic fleece, cut front and back using pattern. Turn under 2.5 cm along each top edge; edgestitch. With right sides together and edges even, stitch front to back, using 6 mm (1/4-in) seam allowance and leaving top edge open. Turn right side out. Stitch midpoint of 80 cm (31-1/2-in) length of ribbon or cord 9 cm (31/2-in) down from top edge at 1 side seam. (Insert hot-water bottle into bag, wrap and tie ribbon ends around bag at neck.)


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