Fleece mittens for baby hands

Keep tiny fingers extra warm with fleece mittens in just their size.

Fleece mittens for baby

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Elasticized wrists and two layers of fleece make these mittens extra cosy. From just .20 m of 150 m wide fleece, you can make 3 pairs.

From 100 x 10 cm (39-3/8- x 4-in) piece of double-sided synthetic fleece, cut 8 mitten pieces, using pattern (click here for pattern).

From .30 m of 6 mm (1/4-in) wide elastic, cut 4 equal lengths. Stretching elastic to fit length and using wide machine zigzag, stitch elastic to wrong side of 4 mitten pieces (outer mitts) where indicated by broken line. With edges even, sew mitten pieces together in pairs to make 2 outer mitts and 2 linings, using 6 mm (1/4-in) seam allowance and leaving bottom edges open. Turn outer mitts right side out; leave linings wrong side out.

Trim seam allowance to 3 mm (1/8 in). Push 1 lining into each outer mitt so bottom edges are even; pin, then topstitch, machine-zigzag or serge around bottom edge.

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