Christmas cookies our grandmothers made

An homage to Christmas baking from our grandmothers' era: hermits, brown sugar cookies, and mocha crinkles.

Soft fruit-and-nut hermits, crinkle snaps with a gentle crunch, and simple 6-ingredient sugar cookies cut into shapes. This collection is reminiscent of a time when baking reflected practical ingredients from the war era pantry, before our cupboards exploded with gourmet chocolates, specialty salts and imported flours promising the world.

A good cookie is also a memory; each bite transporting both baker and eater backwards in time. Let these recipes below transcend the years and connect your family's generations together.

Let's get outside, Canada!
Let's get outside, Canada!
Christmas Fruitcake Hermits
Loaded with lots of candied fruit and nuts, these full-flavoured morsels will surely delight everyone.
Mocha Crinkle Snaps
These easy last-minute cookies are crisp and sugary outside. Look for coarse granulated sugar in your local bulk-food store.
Brown Sugar Cookies
These quick and easy cookies are timeless and, depending on your cookie cutters, suitable for any occasion.

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