How to dust a stencil design onto a cake

3 classic cake designs, including the featured stencil for our Classic Sponge Cake recipe featured in the April 2008 issue of Canadian Living Magazine.

How to dust a stencil design onto a cake
Canadian Living Magazine: April 2008
How  to make a cake stencil from our downloadable patterns:
If you plan to use your cake stencil only once or twice, make it from card stock (available at many stationery or art supply stores); if you plan to use your cake stencil again and again, use Mylar (available at many fabric and art supply stores).

Click the stencil images below to download our pdf file of each stencil. Print out your desired stencil pattern from your computer printer. Using a photocopier, enlarge your cake stencil to desired size (diameter of broken circle should match diameter of cake top).

Lay cake stencil pattern on cutting mat; using X-acto knife, trim edge along solid line, then cut along edges of each shaded shape to cut out, creating stencil.

How to decorate your cake top:
Matching broken circle with edge of cake, lay stencil on cake top. Spoon about 1 tbsp/15 mL icing sugar into small, fine-mesh sieve. Gently shake sieve over stencil until areas under cutouts are dusted white.

Carefully lift stencil straight up and off cake to reveal design (return any leftover sugar to container).

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Editor's note: This stencil also works well with our Chocolate Espresso Torte recipe.

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