Cooking School

8 ways to cook more homemade meals this year

By: Leah Kuhne

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Cooking School

8 ways to cook more homemade meals this year

By: Leah Kuhne
1. Turn the kitchen into a fun place to be
Start by organizing, cleaning and de-cluttering the space. And, if your budget permits, get those small renovations and DIY projects out of the way. New pots and pans, a cutting board or a knife are also good investments.

2. Plan it out
Nothing will get you cooking more than having a plan to follow. Meal plans let you think about the week ahead, keep you organized and help generate the grocery list.

3. Get someone else to do the shopping
Grocery shopping can take a lot of time, and it's not always fun to do. Create a detailed list—including brands, if necessary—and send out a willing family member to pick up the goods. Or, better yet, if you live in an area that has grocery delivery (and you can afford it), order online and let the food come to you!

4. Make cooking a family event
Divide the tasks and get other family members, especially kids, involved in prepping and cooking the meal. It should be everyone's responsibility to get dinner on the table. (Everybody should help clean up, too!)

5. Include easy meals
On busy nights or when you're just too tired, stick to quick and easy recipes. Leftovers and shortcut ingredients, such as store-bought pizza dough, frozen ravioli and rotisserie chicken, are great ways to jump-start a meal.
6. Schedule it in
Not having enough time is a common barrier to cooking at home more often. If you make it a priority, though, and structure your life around it, you'll find the time.

7. Practise, practise, practise
The more you cook, the better you'll get at it. Start small—try cooking at home just one more time than you would normally—and work up to doing it more often. Once you've fallen in love with cooking, you'll enjoy it!

8. Have fun!
When I'm in the kitchen, I love to put on my favourite music, turn it up loud and cook up a storm! Find out what makes cooking fun for you, and do it!

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Cooking School

8 ways to cook more homemade meals this year