Cooking School

Beef up your menus

Author: Canadian Living

Cooking School

Beef up your menus

These three cooking lessons and accompanying recipes will teach you all you need to know about stir-frying, stewing, marinating and barbecuing beef.

Cooking lessons and recipes:

Beef and Pepper Skillet Supper
When you finally make it home after work, you want something hearty that can be made from ingredients on hand. This stir-fry, with its zippy sauce, is the answer.

See our beef stir-fry cooking lesson.

Oh-So-Easy Stew
On busy days, start a simmer you can forget about while you attend to other tasks. A big batch is just as easy: double all ingredients except the salt, use two Dutch ovens and keep the timing the same.

See our beef stew cooking lesson.

Marinating and barbecuing steak
Budget Steak for a Bunch
Ottawa columnist Pam Collacott's marinade adds taste and tenderness to a budget steak. Slice thinly and serve with grilled potatoes and veggies. Tuck leftovers into rolls or toss into a salad for lunch the next day.

See oue beef marinating and barbecuing cooking lesson.

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Cooking School

Beef up your menus