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How Sriracha is made: A peek inside the factory

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How Sriracha is made: A peek inside the factory

Sriracha is being served on everything from eggs to barbecue now a days.

If you aren’t already a convert, chances are you know someone who loves the spicy, garlicky rooster sauce.
Now you can learn how the hot sauce is created, thanks to a video by HYPEBEAST that gives you a sneak peak inside the Sriracha plant in Irwindale, Calif. 

Sriracha lovers will salivate over the video that shows barrels and barrels of the bright red rooster sauce and the thousands of chilies used to make it.  

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David Tran, the founder and CEO of Huy Fong Foods, explains the creation of the oh-so popular sauce, which, he confirms, you can eat on anything. 

Tran says that he created the recipe in 1980 and he’s still using it. The only change? Today, they use spicier chilies. "I hope that the future of my product becomes spicier and spicier," he says. 

What makes his sauce special is that all their peppers are grown at the same farm and made into sauce within three or four hours of picking. 

And it turns out the iconic red bottle with bright green cap has a special meaning, too. It's meant to look like a chile. How cute!

It is interesting to see inside the factory, especially after a heated dispute between the town and hot sauce company last year. Residents near the plant had complained of spicy clouds spewing from the plant, causing burning eyes and throat irritation. Luckily, both parties were able to come to an agreement over the issue and the hot sauce supply continues.

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How Sriracha is made: A peek inside the factory